We provide clients with customized innovative marketing strategies and solutions through the development of fascinating, multi-channel campaigns, activations and events that allow audiences and fans to congregate around brands.

Marketing Strategy

We understand the complex landscape of today’s ever-changing digital world and know how to leverage traditional & digital cross-functional marketing strategies, communications, media buying, analytics and more in order to help clients successfully achieve their business & revenue goals.

Brand Development

We create impactful, personalized, targeted strategies focused on innovative messaging, bold creative and one-of-a-kind immersive experiences focused on growing brand identity, reach and engagement.

Social Media Strategy

We understand the power of connections + technology and the dynamics of collaborating to create unique, memorable content & experiences, engaging in boundary-pushing methodologies in order to authentically connect to new, emerging audiences.

Public Relations

We are champions for storytelling and creating authentic connections for clients + audiences through images, words, music, sports, art, events & technology as a way to better understand & navigate the world.

Social Media

We understand how to navigate & communicate across social media platforms. We know how to cultivate, engage & build loyalty for clients through paid & organic content, creative storytelling, influencer marketing strategies and more.

Quantifiable Results

Data drives decisions. We understand how to develop, track, analyze and leverage data to help drive ROI, identify marketing opportunities and measure overall business & revenue goals.

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things" - Theodore Levitt


We work with like-minded rule breakers, risk takers and those who aren't afraid to color outside the lines. Status quo? Never heard of it! We welcome the Outsiders who are driven by passion & curiousity. Those who are eager to explore & off-road. Those who see things from a different vantage point. We understand this kind of thinking and are here to help you navigate, innovate & break boundaries.

Gina Rotolo

Innovative marketing professional with more than fifteen years of proven history leveraging marketing and communications strategies to drive successful revenue opportunities for organizations and brands in the entertainment, sports, and live event industries.

I have served as an executive leader for major organizations and brands, tasked with launching new products, venues and professional sports teams along with building successful management, operations and marketing teams. Having overseen the marketing strategy and creative development of product launches, concert tours, artist residency shows, international concert and sporting events, along with collaborating with brands/partners, professional sports leagues, concert/event promoters, corporations, major hotel casino and resort chains and award-winning venues across the country and around the world, I bring a unique level of managerial experience and dedicated work ethic to all my professional endeavors. In addition, I thrive in fast-paced environments that require high levels of coordination, collaboration, and planning.

As such, I bring a forward-thinking and detail-oriented approach to all of my roles and welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization’s marketing or brand management needs. I can be an immediate asset by using my most recent experience as Executive Director, Global Entertainment Marketing, Booking, Artist Relations & Business Development with MGM Resorts International to help you bring a high-end and engaging events to your target audience.




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